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As professional US College Admissions Consultants, we are committed to providing expert guidance in assisting international students gain acceptance to their dream colleges and universities in America. We provide comprehensive and customized services with extensive guidance throughout all the necessary steps. Our clients are our first priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure that they succeed.


1) IvyLeague/Selective Colleges + Collegiate Athletics

We are front runners in placing international Student-Athletes in selective colleges and universities, due to our substantial expertise, experience, knowledge and skills required of the two-prong process involving first class academics and elite sports. This dual process is highly competitive, complex and time-consuming and very difficult to meander without expert guidance, particularly for international students. All of our consultants and advisors have either attended an Ivy league/selective school or played collegiate sports, or both. 

2) Athletics Recruiting

We are also leaders in Athletic scholarships and recruiting at all divisions including selective and non-selective institutions (under the NCAA umbrella). All of our consultants are either former US Collegiate Athletic Scholars or played Internationally to a high level.

3) California Colleges/Universities

We are also highly skilled in assisting students with applications to U California colleges, at both selective and non-selective schools as well as state and private. All our consultants are Certified University of California College Admission Counselors.

We are extremely selective with the clients we choose to work with. Our goal is to find the 'Best FIT Colleges' for each individual student, likewise, we only take on students (and parents) whom we feel will be an excellent fit for Elite College Scholars. We have a 100% success rate in students gaining acceptance into their top 3 college choices. Our selectivity ensures the integrity of our professional services as well as the continuation of our success rate. However, our initial 2 hour consultations are available to all students. 


We are also members of the US National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Read more about our services and expertise below.


School Application

College Admissions Counseling

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions to all of our International Clients - no two are the same. Our guidance and advice includes Core Academic courses, GPA, SAT/ACT standardized testing, SAT subject tests, AP/H/CL/IB/A-Levels/BTEC courses. More importantly we assist students plan in-depth activities including Special Talents (Sports, Music, Arts), Research Programs, Volunteering, Non-Profit etc. College applications are becoming increasingly competitive, with the majority of applicants obtaining extremely high GPA's, perfect SAT scores with the bulk of students taking numerous College Level courses.


The number of applications far exceed the number of available places. Elite College Scholars helps each student assemble and construct a 'stand out application' , leading to 'unique positioning' of the student to pique the interests of the admissions officers. We are very much results-oriented professionals working with students every step of the process and beyond. 

The Goalkeeper

Athletic Recruiting & Scholarships

We are forerunners in assisting highly academic international Student-Athletes obtain admission into Ivy League and/or other Selective colleges (including but not limited to Harvard, MIT, Stanford, U Chicago, John Hopkins, Duke etc). All of our consultants attended either an Ivy/Selective College or played NCAA collegiate sports, but the majority of them did both!


We are also experts in international Student-Athlete recruiting including scholarships within all NCAA divisions schools. Division I & II offer athletic scholarships. Division III and Ivy League schools do not offer sports scholarships, however they need high calibre athletes to represent them in order to win NCAA titles. The two most important criteria for each applicant is NCAA eligibility and matching a student's athletic and academic skills. We guide each student athlete via a dual step by step process to ensure that the student's athletic skills and academic standard match with the right schools ensuring a great fit. This is absolutely crucial for potential student-athletes in order to avoid a mismatch which can lead to dangerous and risky consequences.


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California Colleges & Universities

We have significant working knowledge and expertise in advising international students who are interested in attending colleges in California. This includes advise for University of California (UC) schools (such as Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego) as well as private schools including USC & Santa Clara. There are nine UC schools, however, only one complete college application is needed for submission. Each school has their own admissions team, and although this appears to be less rigorous, it is highly competitive.


Additionally, we have a strong network of alumni who have attended and graduated from California colleges. Our Founder/CEO Peggy Zaman, graduated from a California school, and has lived and worked in CA for over 15 years. All of our consultants are Certified University of California College Admissions Consultants.


University Building

Ivy League & Other Selective US Colleges 

We are renowned for our specialist knowledge and skills in assisting students obtain acceptance into Ivies & other Selective colleges. It is a well known fact that Ivies/Selective Colleges are extremely difficult to get into but with our expert guidance, your chances will be highly increased as we not only have the experience, but have inside knowledge of what the admissions officers are looking for and how an application is read. All of our consultants and advisors attended at least one Ivy or selective institution.


Included in our college admissions counseling is a highly efficient management team as well as a network of successful professionals and advisors who have not only graduated from selective colleges (such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford), but have also gone on to leadership positions in their careers in various disciplines, including, finance, economics, law, medicine, engineering, science and government. We are able to draw from their experience and expertise in our advice and, where appropriate, connect our clients to these individuals for college and career guidance and inspiration. 

Programs & Packages

Researching and Writing

College Academic & Applications Package (CAAP)

A comprehensive college counseling service program for 9th & 10th graders (UK 10th & 11th). It includes advice on core academic course planning, weighted GPA, Advanced Placement/Honors/International Baccalaureate/College Level/A-Level/BTEC courses, PSAT testing, SAT/ACT testing, SAT Subject testing, internships, volunteer work, non-profit planning. For special talent students we advise on showcase attendances, and match play reel development (athletes) and artist/music performances and showreels. Our students who commence this program with us, gain the advantage of taking the best courses, academic planning including standardised testing, gain meaningful work experience, significant volunteer work, obtain in-depth special talents (sports, music, arts) and much more.


Additionally, the package includes the College Essays & Applications Package (CEAP with essay planning & writing and 10 college applications).

College Athletics Recruitment Package  (CARP)

We have decades of expertise and experience assisting student-athletes get recruited into Ivy league schools, other selective colleges and scholarship schools within Division I, & II. We also work with many prospective student athletes in Division III. We provide you with the inside information of how colleges recruit, what you need to do, how to contact the coaches and make yourself known and much more, giving you a step-by step program. We will be there with you at every stage of the process. The majority of our Advisors to our company were scholar-athletes at both an Ivy school or a Division I school, hence we believe our combined experience and knowledge are second to none.


It includes the College Essays & Applications Package (including 10 college applications).

Team Practice
Writing on Tablet

College Essays & Applications Package (CEAP) 

A comprehensive college application program for Year 11 & 12 (UK equivalent: Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth). We provide extensive guidance on course planning, essay guidance and writing, SAT/ACT testing, SAT subject planning and testing, recommendation letters and interview preparation. It includes 10 complete college applications. The entire CEAP program is included in the College Academic & Applications Package (CAAP) as well as the College Athletics Recruitment Package (CARP).


University of California CEAP (UCCEAP)

We also offer the UCCEAP solely for University of California schools, which requires only ONE complete comprehensive application for all nine UC schools, However, the acceptance rate for some of these schools is extremely competitive with one UC school, each year receiving over 100,000 applications from across the world. Each school/campus has their own admissions team which means that even if a student is not accepted to one or two UC schools, they can still receive offers from any of the other campuses. With our expertise and network of advisors, our students are assured of submitting high quality, stand out applications.

Advisors to our Organization

Elite College Scholars are privileged to have a trusted group of very accomplished advisors to the company who offer their experience and actively spend time with our management team and our clients.


These individuals have attended and graduated from elite universities such as Harvard, Columbia, UPenn Wharton, Cornell and USC, with a number of them receiving scholarships and representing their colleges in sport at the Division I level.


They have gone on to have successful careers in science, law, business, & finance, having worked at prestigious and coveted organizations at locations around the world, including, New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. We are more than happy to speak about them in more detail.


Peggy is the CEO and Founder of the company. She was a top 20 world junior tennis player and qualified to participate in junior Grand Slam events. She received several US athletic scholarships to selective colleges, but opted to play on the professional tennis tour before several major injuries cut short her playing career.


Peggy has an LLB and an LLM from Bond University (a prestigious and sole private university in Australia). She also obtained an LLM from Santa Clara University, specializing in Intellectual Property Law. Peggy comes from a family with degrees from elite universities such as Harvard, Columbia, USC, Cornell and U Penn. She is a qualified lawyer, who has worked in major international law firms in Sydney, New York and San Francisco. She is also a fully certified College Admissions Counselor.

Peggy is married with three children and lives between the US and the UK.


"As an international student I was completely overwhelmed with the complicated US College Admissions process. Furthermore, i wanted to be a recruited athlete to a selective school. Peggy went above and beyond to work with me to help me get accepted into my top choice colleges!"

                        - Student, Columbia University

"Peggy is very knowledgeable about the college admissions process. She really does provide a wealth of advice and guidance and assists with every step of the process, beyond what we ever expected."

                   - Parent of Student, Harvard University

"I knew i wanted to attend college in the US on an athletic scholarship but had no idea where to even start. From my first meeting with Peggy, i was so confident that she could help me achieve my goals. Peggy's ability to assess an athlete's skill level and academics and match him/her with the right college is truly remarkable. Not only that, she helped me get a full athletic scholarship!"

         - Student, University of Southern California



"Elite College Scholars understands that every student is unique and their one-on-one, tailored approach to college admissions advice is invaluable. They have the ability to position their students in such a way that makes them stand out."

                                     - Parent, Cornell University

"Peggy leads an organization that is focused on the client's best interest, leveraging her network, experience & knowledge of the US college landscape to achieve the best possible outcome."

       - Former Student, Columbia University and current Client 

"After years of work with Peggy, I was all set to attend an excellent college. A month before college was to start i was accepted into another reputable school that i was initially waitlisted for. I was so overwhelmed, confused and so stressed, but Peggy went through all the pros and cons of both schools, my career goals, the programs each school offered, so that when i made my decision, i knew it was the right one and have never looked back."

                                          - Last minute waitlister

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