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As professional College Admissions Counselors & Consultants, we are committed to providing expert guidance to assist our students attend their dream colleges and universities around the world. The admissions process – in particular for selective US colleges such as the Ivy League Schools –  is a competitive, complex and time-consuming maze which needs to be meandered through in the least overwhelming and most efficient manner. We provide comprehensive personal services with extensive guidance through all the steps necessary. Our clients are our first priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure that they succeed.

Please contact us to see how we can help you get accepted into the college of your choice - we look forward to accompanying you on your college admissions journey!


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"As an international student I was completely overwhelmed with the complicated US College Admissions process. Furthermore, i wanted to be a recruited athlete to a selective school. Peggy went above and beyond to work with me to help me get accepted into my top choice colleges!"

                                                    - Student, Columbia University

"Peggy is very knowledgeable about the college admissions process. She really does provide a wealth of advice and guidance and assists with every step of the process beyond what we expected."

                                 - Parent of Student, Harvard University

"I knew i wanted to attend college in the US on an athletic scholarship but had no idea where to even start. From my first meeting with Peggy, i was so confident that she could help me achieve my goals. Peggy's ability to assess an athlete's skill level and academics and match him/her with the right college is truly remarkable. Not only that, she helped me get a full athletic scholarship!"

                                 - Student, University of Southern California



"Elite College Scholars understands that every student is unique and their one-on-one, tailored approach to college admissions advice is invaluable. They have the ability to position their students in such a way that makes them stand out."

                                                   - Anonymous, Cornell University

"Peggy leads an organization that is focused on the client's best interest, leveraging her network, experience & knowledge of the US college landscape to achieve the best possible outcome."

                                         - Former Client, Columbia University

"After years of work with Peggy, I was all set to attend an excellent college. A month before college was to start i was accepted into another reputable school that i was waitlisted for. I was so overwhelmed and stressed, but Peggy went through all the pros and cons of both schools, my career goals, the programs each school offered, so that when i made my decision, i knew it was the right one and never looked back."

                                          - Last minute waitlister



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